Australian Women's Book Review

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Current Issue: Volume 20.2 2008

"HHH#1" - Fiona Foley


Past Issues

Volume 20.1 2008 Volume 19.2 2007

"Assimilation" - Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fo

Julie Dowling “Aunties with Cards”

Volume 19.1 2007
Volume 18.2 2006

Eileen Haley “May Day in Istanbul with Amazon”

Cover by Debbie Harman Qadri
Volume 18.1 2006
Volume 17.2 2005

Ashlley Morgan-Shae, “Poppies”

Cover by Debbie Harman Qadri
Volume 17.1 2005
Volume 16.2 2004

Last Night Blues
Pat Larter

Detail from Eileen Halley 'Utopia'
Volume 16.1 2004
Volume 15.2 2003
The Babe is Wise
Lina Bryans
A Peace Offering
Saren Dobkins

Volume 15.1 2003
Volume 14.2 2003
Debbie Harman Qadri, Textile 2002
The Seven Clever Women
Gloria Beckett
Volume 14.1  2002
Volume 13.2  2002
Debbie Harman Quadri
Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox
Magic Lady
Volume 13.1  2001
Volume 12  2000
Journey of the Goddess
Kay Singleton Keller
Set in Stone
Adele Flood

AWBR is the review magazine of the feminist journal Hecate. It is the only Australian review of books by women.

AWBR aims to provide women throughout Australia, urban and rural, outside and within universities, with information on small-press publications and books that might otherwise not form part of mainstream reviewing. In addition, it brings feminist perspectives to the reviewing of more "mainstream" publications.

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